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Mixing for Major Label and Independent Artists

I am a top major label mixer, producer, songwriter, and musician with 25 years of experience. I can mix your songs too.

Major Label Mix Engineer. World Class Studio Gear. Within Reach.

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Albums & Singles

Hi, My Name is Ken...

I am a top major label Mix Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, and Musician with 25 years of experience, and I am one half of the production team, KATALYST. My credits include 19 Grammy Winners and 56 total Nominations (7 official, by name, Nominations), 99 Gold and Platinum albums and singles, and 70 #1’s, so far. Check out my credits.

I have my own world class analog SSL studio and tons of amazing gear. I mix ALL of my client’s music using the same equipment and techniques to make sure I deliver the best sounding finished product. Check out my list of studio gear.

I regularly work on Platinum, #1, and Grammy Winning projects as a Mixer, Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, and Engineer, across most musical genres from Pop to Hip Hop to EDM, Rock and Dance, as well as hits in R&B, Latin, Reggae, Christian, Gospel, and music from every continent on earth.

You can afford to have your music mixed by a top mix engineer, and stay involved in the mixing process, wherever you are in the world.


Ken Lewis in the studio



“Ken’s genius is in his ability to bring the absolute best out of the artist… from building a production to capturing the performance; no one brings out the magic in an artist like Ken is able to. It also doesn’t hurt that his mixes have more depth and richness than anyone else’s in music right now.”

– Skrizzly Adams, Artist, Atlantic Records

“Ken Lewis is my secret weapon. I use him all the time on a variety of artists, in every genre. He is capable of mixing anything and always makes it sound amazing. His work is consistently devastating.”

– Jason Jordan, SVP A&R, Republic Records


“Ken, had it not been for you, we couldn’t have made this album. You were always giving your best effort. A thousand thanks for being with us all the way to the end. I’ll never forget what you did for me and this project!”

– Park Hyo Shin, Korean Superstar