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Here are a few things some of my independent clients from around the world have had to say about me and my work. Whenever possible, I have links to their websites as well so you can hear some of the amazing artists and songs that I've been so fortunate to be a part of. I imagine in the internet age, it may be very hard to trust somebody who you may only know through email or phone conversations. How will you know if this person is who they say they are, and if their credits and integrity, let alone talent, are real or imagined? How will you know if you can trust your project, often the most important thing in your world, to this person, especially when you aren't there to oversee the mix? I hope some of the below letters will give you an elevated comfort level in considering me to mix your music.

In addition, my major label credits are independently verifiable at a great website called Just put my name in as "Artist" and most of my major label engineering, mixing, production, and musician credits will appear.

  • Jason Jordan   →   VP A&R, Hollywood Records

    Ken Lewis is my secret weapon. I use him all the time on a variety of artists, in every genre. He is capable of mixing anything and always makes it sound amazing. His work is consistently devastating.
  • Steven Lee   →   Multi-Platinum Producer / Songwriter

    Ken Lewis is like a magician; he knows what exactly you need on the mix even before you ask, even at 2am

    Steven has several dozen #1 singles in Asia
    Too Many other accolades to mention, so check out Steven's website at:

  • Steve Nathan   →   Man On Earth (Forward Thinking Records)

    Ken saved our lives.

    Music is our lives... it's what we dream, crave, desire and live for...
    Therefore it must be said that Ken has saved our lives when he took the time to work on our songs...

    Ken's insight is absolutely priceless from the obvious but lazy -"well we knew the chorus sucked but it kind of worked with the song" to the just plain Genius of "holy shit we never even thought of that". With a completely unselfish and never tiring drive for perfection Ken always goes out of his way to make sure things sound the best they can.... never cutting corners... never making lazy decisions... and most importantly he knows when certain things are perfect as is and not in need of over thinking and tinkering... capturing a moment.. saving everyone the 'journey of all options' before settling on the original... That is what he does best. Bringing visions, spattering of ideas and concepts to a cohesive point. Ken does not blindly direct from an outside unrelated lifeguard stand... he puts on those tight little swim trunks and dives right in... gets inside and becomes a part of whatever project it is he's working on... Musical styles are completely irrelevant on this level and that is why it is no surprise that Ken excels in production with all forms of sound in time that express ideas and emotions through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

    I do not need to tell you how tasty he is or how good his ears are... his extensive catalog of work can do that for you... if you can't hear it you've got bigger problems than picking a producer or mixer. But what you should know is that Ken cares more than anyone else i have ever come across about music and the people that are inspired to create it... if music if your life he might just save yours too.

    Steve is also Head of Alternative Radio Promotion at McGathy Promotions, NYC

  • Andy Krehm   →   Mastering Engineer for

    I have been mastering many of Ken's mixes and productions for over a year now and I can tell you it is a pleasure to work with such a talented mixer/producer. I personally enjoy working on a wide variety of musical styles so it's great to work with a kindred sprit! It doesn't seem to matter what style crosses Ken's desk as he always manages to remain true to the genre while adding his own unique touch. And the man is great to work with! As a mastering engineer, I do my best to figure out what people want and almost always get along well with everyone. But with Ken, I know the interpersonal aspect will be fun, the direction will be clear, and so I always look forward to the next project. I also think it's really great that Ken offers his major label level expertise to Indie clients as that's also an important component of my mastering philosophy and business as well.

    It is definitely no coincidence that Ken's credits range from Grammy's to Gold, Platinum and #1's!

    Andy's website can be found at:

  • Edwin Ramos   →   Producer/Writer for K-Ci & Jojo / Mary J Blige / Angie Stone

    Ken is not just a great mix engineer, he's also an accomplished writer/producer and a great musician.. and that is why i trust his ear...His accolades, Experience and impressive track record speaks for itself and shows just how talented and gifted Ken truly is....5 star Mixer in my book!...all the best Ken!

    Edwin's website can be found at:

  • Philippe Swan   →   Paris, France

    I am a composer and producer living in Paris, France, and I was searching for somebody who could really give me a strong American sound. I found Ken's site by chance and I am very happy I did. He mixed one song I wrote for singer Ty-Lan. But more than that, he improved the track by changing drum programming and playing killing guitars! So I have an American production without leaving Paris, without spending money for traveling, hotels, etc...and that's great! The single landed Ty-Lan a record deal with PAMA / BMG Records in France. Thanks Ken, you're the best!

    Phillipe Swan:
    Artist Ty-Lan's single "Un Garson" mixed by Ken Lewis as well as other projects produced by Phillipe Swan.

  • Julia Jones   →   Wales, United Kingdom

    If I hadn't accidentally found Ken Lewis' website last summer it is quite possible that my album would never have been released. He helped me rectify some major recording problems and finally produced a fully mixed album that is now available in the UK. Hoorah for Sir Kenneth of Lewis...he rocks!

    Julia Jones

  • Album 809 mixed by Ken Lewis.
  • Julia Jones recently received a letter from the Prince of Wales and Buckingham Palace commending her on her album and the fine charity work she's done through her music.
  • Yonie   →   Seattle, Washington

    I've worked with Ken Lewis on every song I've recorded up to date, and I plan to continue working with him in the future. Ken is an amazingly talented individual. He takes a song from good to platinum status! His track record proves that. In the few years that I've been doing music, I've learned that mixing is probably 20% equipment and 80% experience. Ken has both but, unlike the equipment, his experience and talent are something that you can't find anywhere else. I would recommend his services to anyone who is truly serious about their music because he conducts himself and his business in a highly professional manner.

    Make sure you check out Yonie's Official Website!

  • Yonie performed to songs mixed by Ken Lewis in front of 125,000 people at Live Aid Ethiopia, May, 2003
  • Ben J Hudson   →   Cayman Islands

    One word comes to mind when I think of Ken Lewis, 'WOW.'

    It is truly a privilege for me to work with him. I literally jump up and down the place when I get mixes back from him—yes, I have Ken Lewis 'moments'. My team and I completely trust his ears and his instincts. Ken is efficient and committed, a total professional in every way giving great consistent service from start to finish. His attention to detail is impeccable and his experience, well—just look at his credits.

    Whenever I send him a song I know I'll get honest advice about its direction and that he'll go all night if he has to just to find the perfect mix—giving it the same effort he'd give to a Just Blaze, Mary J Blige, Kanye West or Mariah Carey song.

    "And when I listen to it again—it's always, always great!"

    Ben J. Hudson

  • Ben Hudson's upcoming album is currently being mixed by Ken Lewis