major label mixing for independent artists

Ken Lewis Mix Engineer



Additional Recording

As you can tell from my discography, I record and mix for some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Although this website caters to mixing for independent artists, and not recording songs from scratch, I can provide many options for additional recording during the mixing stage.

For instance, if you need to fix a vocal, or add a new guitar track at the last minute, I can record you using the very same vocal microphones and tools that I have used to record such artists as Diana Ross and Mary J. Blige. Do you need to replace a drum sound with a better one? I have an incredibly extensive sound and sample collection, as well as many live instruments. Maybe you want to add that string part that really takes the chorus to the next level. I have the finest synthesizers and samplers.
Check out my gear list to see what I can offer for additional instruments. I have what you need.